Young talent

Young talent. Build the future with youth.

Leeds Rhino’s have taken a massive step in securing their future with their newly shirted young talent.

Young Talent 19 year olds Ash Handley and Jordan Lilley have been given their squad numbers for 2016.

Every team wants Young talent when it comes to building on the backs of their senior players, but to hand out squad numbers to a couple of teenagers is a serious show of faith in their abilities.

Ash Handley, Ashton Golding and Jordan Lilley have been named for next season’s squad Leeds Rhino’s senior team. Head coach Brian McDermott’s have a title to defend and a reputation to uphold, but that doesn’t seem to faze the young talent.

The fourth of the young talent at Leeds Rhino’s is a little older at 21, but prop Jordan Baldwinson brings determination, talent and experience in first team selection after his “on loan” period at Featherstone Rovers.

McDermott said: “It’s important to give the players and fans a glimpse of the future, and all four have been rewarded first team spots based on their performances and talent last season”.