Mark McCall

Mark McCall, the calm after the Wasps storm!

Mark McCall knows that bouncing back from a defeat is never an easy task, but when that defeat was a stonking great 23-64 at home, then something special is needed.

Mark McCallThe slaughter at the Allianz Park on Sunday is something that Director of Rugby at Saracens Mark McCall is desperate to move on from.

Top of the league and by far the best team in Europe at the moment comes with a certain amount of pressure, but when a home game that should have been relatively straight forward destroys your winning image, then the definition of pressure is re-written.

Bounce back is one of the most important traits that any managerial team can bring to the Premiership. No team wins every game and that ability to over-come and move on is crucial. Especially after a humiliating 23-64 massacre.

As excuses go, there isn’t much that explains such a huge points difference or the performance (or lack of) that the Saracens had on Sunday. The Six Nations call-up has hit hard, but that can be said about most of the Aviva Premiership.

Speaking to BBC radio London, Mark McCall said that “we didn’t see it coming.”

“This is a very big setback. When you concede 60 points, there is clearly an issue and it went wrong right from the beginning and we were given a real lesson by Wasps with and without the ball.

“This is a challenging period, no question about that, but the important thing is what happens next.”

Saracens play Gloucester Rugby at home on the 20th February. Gloucester are a team that are having a really good period at the moment, with their last win against the Harlequins. Gloucester demands the Saracens full attention, so stay tuned for a massively important game.