2016 Super Rugby

2016 Super Rugby Season starts on the 26th February.

As the 2016 Super Rugby Season is set to get under way, teams, players and fans are not too happy about the new format and the imminent travel issues.

The 2016 Super Rugby Season sees a few new teams added and a few old faces return on the 26th February. If last season’s action packed games are anything to go on, then this season is going to be worth every inconvenience that playing over 3 time zones will cause.

Fans of the Super Ruby have always experienced travel problems in the past due to the size and travel issues within Australia and New Zealand and South Africa.

Adding Argentina and Japan is only going to make travel to and from games an expensive nightmare that most players will baulk at, and the majority of fans won’t be able to afford.

New to the 2016 Super Rugby Season is an 18 team start with teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and new to the list is Argentina and Japan.

The Jaguars from Argentina and the Sunwolves from Japan join the line-up. 2016 Super Rugby Season begins on the 26th February with the opening match playing in Auckland Eden Park between Blues and Highlanders.

Changes to the original 3 conferences has now been split into 4, with South Africa separating into 2.

  • Australia’s conference stays the same with Brumbies, the Force, Reds, Rebels and Waratahs.
  • New Zealand conference is untouched too, with Blues, Crusaders, Hurricanes, Highlanders, and the Chiefs.
  • South Africa 1st conference is the Bulls, Cheetahs, Stormers, and Sunwolves(Japan).
  • South Africa 2nd conference is Kings, Lions, Sharks, and Jaguars (Argentina).

2016 Super Rugby Season







Qualifying finals begin in July with the Grand Final being played on 6th August 2016.