Six Nations - Trophies

The Six Nations competition boast more than one trophy with a total of 6 trophies to play for (excluding the Wooden Spoon). The oldest is the Calcutta Cup which is played between England and Scotland. The Calcutta Cup is made from melted-down Indian Rupees donated by the Calcutta Club

  • Championship Trophy – Awarded to the outright winner of the Six Nations
  • Triple Crown – Winner of the UK based nations. Played and fought for since 2006
  • Calcutta Cup – Between England and Scotland. Trophy dates back to 1879
  • Centenary Quaich – Between Scotland and Ireland. Trophy dates back to 1989
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy – Between France and Italy. Played for since 2007
  • Millennium Trophy – Between England and Ireland. Played for since 1988

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