2019 World Cup - About

The Rugby World Cup is the biggest Rugby Union sports event in the world. The Rugby World Cup is held every 4 years with 20 nations playing for the coveted Webb Ellis Trophy over 6 weeks of competitions.

2019 World Cup - Qualification

The first 12 available positions are “automatic qualification” spots that are awarded to teams that finish first, second or third in the group stages of the previous World Cup tournament.

The final 8 places rely on qualification from region-based competitions. Europe and the Americas are allocated 2 places each, with Africa, Asia and Oceania 1 place each. The final place will be allocated in a play-off.

The Group stages are split into 4 groups A, B, C and D. Each group houses 5 teams each. Within the Group stage the teams only play those in their own group, with the top three teams going through to the Knock-out stage.

The top 2 teams in each of the Group stage goes through to the Quarter finals, where the winner of Group A plays the Runner up of Group C, and the Winner of B plays the Runner up of A and so on.

The winners of the Quarter finals go through to the Semi Finals where 4 teams are remaining. 2 winning teams go through to the final and the 2 losing teams go into a play-off for third place.